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About Us

Unnecessary Entertainment Corporation

 Unnecessary: not necessary or essential; needless; unessential.
Entertainment: something affording pleasure, diversion, or amusement

Unnecessary Entertainment became a company in 2004. For many years, it was only a figment of imagination, a diversion, unessential to our needs.

The name came about as a reflection on who we are. There are those among us whose pleasure in life is to make others smile. Unnecessary Entertainment is such a company.

Jodine Hubbard created product after product that did not yet exist. Exploring our product offering you will find card games, art, wall decorations for children's room, grow boards (charts), books, board games, and so much more. Each product has one common thread; they are unnecessary and entertaining. Most of all when you experience them they make you smile.

Our company name is strange but fitting. Each product is unique, unessential, and affords the owner pleasure and amusement.

Many years have passed, many products created, and many more are still in our hearts and minds. We hope those you see here will make you smile.

Thank you for the opportunity to share with you my passion.

 Jody Hubbard


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