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Gus the Gear Head

gus-banner.gifGus the Gear Head, Inc. designs, manufactures, and sells science, engineering and technology driven educational games and books. Our products are a direct result of many conversations and shared dreams.

The first toys, Gear Heads, came to life while talking about the amazing wood gear clock Justin designed and created in his garage. We talked about the design. We realized the gears were more than mechanical, they were art. Suddenly, the gears took life. They are no longer gears made from wood. 


Gus the Gear Head is alive.


Gus, his family, friends and many other characters are featured in our books and toys.  Follow Gus as he seeks his role in the world of gears.

The Adventures of Gus the Gear Head includes gear driven amusement park toys, clocks, tractors, robots, and many more gear driven toys.  Ferris Wheel Fun, Carousel Cruising, and Clock Works are the first products released by Gus the Gear Head, Inc. 




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